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NEW Quilted Photo Xpress 5.0QPXcase3

Now you can create Quilted Photo patterns from your own photos! Quilted Photo Xpress 5.0 is our basic and streamlined photo quilting software… Only $99.95




QLXcaseNEW Quilted Landscape Xpress 1.0

Want to make flowers or landscape or still life pictures? Then start here! $99.95






NEW Stitch -a-Sketch 1.0

Are you an artist?….. or do you want to be an Art Quilter? This may be just what you are looking for! $99.95




NEW Color Valuations Software 2.0

Sorting your fabric by Color Value Is Easy! Just click the button and your fabrics are sorted!…$39.95


Other Software

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Tammie Bowser

I began sewing at four years old. I went on to fashion college (The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising). I studied fashion design, color theory and pattern making then graduated in 1985. I taught myself how to quilt by reading books, and watching the HGTV series, “Simply Quilts”. After making that first quilt, I wanted to design my own quilt patterns. I woke up with the idea for Quilted Photos. My first thought was that it couldn’t work, but I was amazed at how stunning the results were, and am still amazed every time I complete a Quilted Photo. I think my career paths, and collection of knowledge has given me this unique approach to quilting. I hope you enjoy this innovative quilting style as much as I do. I am also available to teach classes at your guild or store. Go to:

Other Software January 25, 2014